• Constipation with Baby and Child!


    Constipation with children


    When our child is sick, it's not always easy to know why? Like any parent, we will try to think about what happens!

    In the list of potential diseases or ailments, we have the constipation of young children and older ones!

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  • Christmas and Holidays in Finland!


    Christmas in Finland

    (where the Santa Claus Village is located)


    As Christmas draws near, other holidays and feasts are celebrated, called "Little Christmas":

    6 December, the National Day and St. Nicolas -13 December , Saint Lucia. 

    Christmas is one of the most important feasts of the year in Finland. Finns celebrate this 

    wonderful family event over three days: Christmas Eve, the same day, St Stephen (26 December). 

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  • Importance of Games and Toys for Children


    You want to please your child or your friend’s. A simple gesture, but that can have a huge importance for child.

    Effectively, during the first years of his life, it’s while playing than child, if everything goes right, will have a harmonious development.

    This one must take place in several domains: psychomotor, linguistic and intellectual, emotional and at least social. These developments will be obviously gradual, the different concerned domains being strongly tied to child’s age.

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  • You will no more say : Tidy up your bedroom!


    It’s a sentence many people have heard before having to say it themselves !!!


    This sentence parents repeat tirelessly :


    Tidy up your bedroom !!!

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  • How Japanese pupils successed at School!


    There is a subject that concerns all of us as parents; it’s the program that is set up for our children schooling ! The program that normally should give all the means to allow our children to succeed in their school career  !!!


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